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Aigo Recorder Pen presents you with New Era Caps

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 in accordance with the accountable particular person Amigo recorder, The voice recorder launched by Amigo abandoned the more common ideas with the prior recorders so that you can break this bottleneck. And it adopts the concept of revolutionary formula paper and pen, Using a great mix off lattice matching; won't records just about every word, But additionally searches the answerphone by speedy guide on the playback soon after the end in the recording. It greatly facilitated the distinction for recording content afterwards and led the recording sector into a new era,/p>


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for this objective new recording notion, Aigofor the very first succeed in which includes both photos and sounds. When recording the sound notion, The cartridge distinct infrared camera around the back all together capture up to 70 pictures of data per second, Recording both the user's handwriting and recording,/p>


 When it ended, If users need to locate a specific period of recording, They are able to only click communicating notes on paper to broadcast the record quickly. Creating the customers seriously listen to what they already wish to listen which place was tough to attain within the past, And drastically practical to choose the recording material of facilitate inquiries mad organizing and archiving. Additionally, it significantly reduced the difficulty for customers in the first time for you to use it and solved the issue that earlier audio recorders had been almost impossible to find component in the recording,/p>



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 what is additional, Amigo recorder pen for fast search builds in high amount lithium battery, So it might take continuous recording up to 6.5 schedule, Solving the user's worries. And inside the solution for the microphone, Aigo rapid recording pen not merely features a builtin mike, But additionally supplies customers with highquality 3D recording headset, Creating highquality recording at any time reprise of screen,/p>


 Because the first released solution following Amigo electronic technologies renamed, the creation of Amigo recorder pen for swift search, Not only produced the public have a new grasp in regards to the "other" "classic" absolutely. But in addition ensures they confident about what Quad Dingdong, The chief executive of Amigo, explained, "Keep adhering to grentabelle new era 'China Creating' small business spirit, Strengthen machinery of solution and solutions, Total the transform from common raised implementers to constitutors,/p>

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